Yard Act is currently doing an AMA over at /r/IndieHeads

2022.01.21 11:46 Drknyss Yard Act is currently doing an AMA over at /r/IndieHeads

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2022.01.21 11:46 gonzo420 10 years and to celebrate dropping a cakeday exclusive

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2022.01.21 11:46 Bonus1Fact Hoax Caller 'Mines' Russian #CentralBank Over Proposal to Ban Cryptocurrencies Mining

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2022.01.21 11:46 GrumpyBlunt $Twinu #Twitterinu #dashborard #dApp #ETH

I have the pleasure to present you a new project called Twitter Inu.

$Twinu #Twitterinu #dashborard #dApp #ETH

Key points:

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Guys dyor, am not a financial advisor, but i really like the project.

Useful links:

Buy: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x934c1ff0bed280f3041ff7e3131b156f45ac8b5c

Locked liq: https://www.team.finance/view-coin/0x934C1ff0bEd280f3041fF7E3131B156f45ac8B5C?name=TWITTER%20INU&symbol=TWITTERINU

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TwInuProject

Telegram: https://t.me/TwitterInu

Website: https://twinuproject.com/
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2022.01.21 11:46 Far-Claim-3565 Mega Aerodactyl Raid Now Pineapplelexus b on line plz add 10 if less then 7 players leave 8549 8477 3125 Let’s start weekend Winning 🥇

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2022.01.21 11:46 newaccountbah My take on why City Hall isn't Downtown

Okay, so you know how Zootopia City Hall and other important buildings like the ZPD aren't located Downtown, but around the Savanna Central area? I created some sort of backstory for that fact.
During this universe's version of WW2, Zootopia, as a city-state sort of government, was involved in the war as a key player. It's enemies knew it's importance and decided to try to bomb it into submission.
Downtown was the major target, as it housed most of the financial services, the old City Hall and several other government facilities. That region was annihilated during the Zootopia blitz and due to the destruction of more than 95% of it's structures, Zootopian authorities scrambled to relocate whatever they could that was crucial from the ruins of the City Centre to the closest area that was predominantly urban and had decent transport infraestructure: Savanna Central.
That's about it!
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2022.01.21 11:46 NotHasler Mobile master

How do i complete the mobile master 3 task that says i have to grt a 90 ovr base card ? I dont see any other way than to buy the player?
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2022.01.21 11:46 SheenTStars FB post by a spa owner

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2022.01.21 11:46 tommygun1945 "Keep your chin up and live life facing forward! " v3-3 spoilers

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2022.01.21 11:46 Zarqonriose TACTICS: Man City 433(2) formation

Hello guys, I'll give you my (long) 433(2) analysis, tactics, based on Man City style of play.
The 433(2) is a 433 with a single cdm (like Man City), and we will play it with an offensive mindset.
I saw a post about the Bielsa's formation, tried it, find it fun and make some changes.
I'll give you my players' instructions, tactics and style of play.
I score more goal and concede less.
The idea is to create triangles, to pass from the wing and the midfield. But the key is to be VERY agressive when you lose the ball. The high dept will help you to keep your opponent in his own half, and to have a lot of players around the ball.
This post is a little bit long. I've made 5 parts :
I- Tactics
II- Players and instructions
III- A kind of Q&A with the main points
IV- Style of play
V- Kind of players to use in this system in my opinion
Let's go and hope you'll enjoy !
"If you play on possession, you don't have to defend, because there's only one ball" Johan Cruyff
I) Tactics
-Defensive style: Pressure After Possession Loss
Basically gegenpressing. The faster you can win the ball after a loss, the better.
-Width: 35
It's easier to score from the center rather than from the wing. Force your opponents to use their wingers. Most of them play with only 1 CAM, so they'll have a lack of options.
-Depth: 90
Keep them in their own half. The higher you defend, the longer they'lll have to run to score. You only need fast cb. Try to use right stick defending. I'm currently learning, I make mistakes, but it's better.
-Width: 50
It's balanced. We can score from wings of from the middle, because we'll always have someone somewhere.
You need to create "waves" on opponents' box.
Build up play: Slow build up.
Stop spamming R2 or RB. Take your time. Your opponents will make a mistake and create spaces for you.
Chance creation: Possesion
My favourite lmao
-Players in box: 7 bars.
-Corners: 6 bars
What's the point of having 1 bar.
Free kick :
3 bars. It sucks.
II) Team's players and instructions (instructions + my players). I'll explain just after my choices.
GK-Claim for crosses/Libero
Neuer. Any gk is good, as their performance are inconsistent. Try to take one with good passes. Honestly doesn't change anything with base setup.
LB- Join the attack/inverted/Step up
RB Davies.
CBs- Stay behind/Normal interceptions/Step up
IF Upamecano and SBC Sule. Will probably try Niakhate soon over Upa.
RB: Balanced/inverted/Step up
Carvajal (not incredible, but needed for 10 chem)
CDM- Man Mark/Stay behind/Agressive interceptions/Cover centeStick to position
RCM- Attack on balanced/ Stay On Edge Of Box For Cross /Normal Interceptions/Stick to position/Cover center
IF Goretzka
LCM- Get forward/ Stay On Edge Of Box For Cross/ Normal interceptions / Free roam / Cover center
LW-Stay forward / Cut inside / Balanced support / Get into the box for cross /Normal interception
IF Son
ST- Stay central / Mixed attack / Normal interceptions / Stay forward
Robbie Keane
RW- Stay forward / free roam / Get in behind / Get into the box for cross /Normal interception
RTTK Rodrygo
III) Why am I using these instructions ?
Like Man City, our aim here will be :
- Press high on the pitch
- Win the ball quickly after a loss
- Controlling the game (having the ball)
-Being able to do something when we have the ball
-And of course enjoying our way of playing
There are some important points in the instructions, and I'll explain the main ones here.
1) Why are the LB and the LCM both on an attacking mindset ?
Because I want to create triangle, and to be able to play them from my box to the opponent box.
If Davies stop running forward, Bruno and Son will only have 1 or 2 solutions. Davies bring at least 2 moresolutions (by staying behind or making a forward run).
2) Then why the RB doesn't have the same instructions ?
Goretzka is less offensive than Bruno. He'll make less forwards run, and will need a support lower on the pitch. Also, Carvajal is slower than Davies. If I was good at defending, I'd probably play the RB like the LB.
3) Explain the wingers' instructions ?
I need basically 2 kind of wingers : a scorer, who'll make run into the boxes, cut inside. A finisher, able to score from both feet. Son is that guy. I aslo need another winger, quick, with skills, able to leave the defenders in the dust and to cross, pass, give solutions on the side of the pitch. It's Rodrygo for me.
4) Explain the midfield ?
I have 3 kind of midfielders. A CDM, a CM and a CAM.
The cdm stay back, and liek City on offensive, you have your CAM playing like the Maestro (KDB). The CM is also offensive but just behind the CAM (Gundogan). The CDM sometimes come for helps and hide the spaces (Rodri).
5) Explain defenders' suicidal step up instruction.
The main point of this style of playing is to win the ball fast, at any cost. I need aggressive and fast defenders. Sule is probably your best option with Cordoba in this system.
You'll take far more risk, and concede goals at the start. But with some practice, you'll be better and I can guarantee you the opponent aren't ready for this.
6) Explain 90 depth ?
The higher you win the ball, the better. Make you opponent suffocate. Make him doubt. He'll try to accelerate, and will loose more and more balls. You'll score a lot of goals in the second hal, becaure your opponents will try to accelerate and make more mistakes.
7) Explain the striker ?
Of course Robbie Keane is a kind of meta player. He's fast, not too small, agile, score how when wants.
The good thing is that you can play a slow pure st in this formation : Kane, Lewa, Suarez, Van Basten...
You need a real 9.
You need a finisher. A killer. A guy who just score.
IV) How the team plays
As I said, I try to create triangles. With these instructions, every player have at least 2 triangles near of him. You have to take your time. Don't hesitate to pass to your cb or cdm. Your fullbacks will helps you, and with your forwards in the box, and the midfieders at the edge, you'll have decent chances of scoring.
This is the kind of situation it will happen for me :
Davies give it to Bruno, who make a 1-2 with Son. He can pass it to Fred or Goretzka, who'll try to touch Cravajal, who'll give it to Rodrygo. If he can run or cross, good, if not, back to carvajal or Goretzka, then to bruno, etc. The thing is to find spaces. No spaces ? Keep moving the ball. Every human make mistakes, and your opponent will end doing one.
You play from the left and the right, without stopping moving forward, and you'll have more and more solutions.
Another advice who sound dumb : Don't hesitate to shot. Even if your far away, you'll win a corner, of the keeper will make a bad save, or you'll even score. Always try to finish your movements by a "final move" : a shot, a skill, a pass.
When defending, don't hesitate to observe. Your opponent is running on your cb ? Move fast, wait, and tackle him. Use 2nd man press to surround him. Make him lost his mind.
Use your cdm for starting your attacks, and don't try to make imppossible passes.
When you win the ball back, it's always irritating to losing it straight after.
V) Type of players for each positions
IMO, the kind of guys needed for every positions (I won't name guys like Prime Pele or Cruyff, as I didn't tried them and 90% of the players don't have them either). Ofc I can forget someone.
Take the special version of each, even if some gold are still very good.
GK :
The GK are stranges this year. Take the one you like, with good passing if possible.
Strong, reliable, solid. You can take a slow one if the other is fast or if you're just good.
Sule, Upa, Kimpembe(sorry), Marquinhos, Cordoba, Niakathe, Collins, VVD, Varane, Klostermann, Chiellini, Koulibaly, Skriniar, Alaba, Militao, Carlos, Kounde, Rudiger, Kohler, Djalo, Cozza.
For the fullbacks, depend of who you want at getting forward, the LB or the RB.
Offensive RB :
TAA, Clauss, Navas, Capa, Cancelo, Atal, Trippier
Defensive RB :
Hakimi, James, Cuadrado, Florenzi, Carvajal, Mukiele, Mbabu
Offensive LB:
Cancelo, Davies, Reguilon, Delaine, Tierney, Theo Hernandez, Cornet
Defensive LB:
Mendy, Spinazzola, Robertson, Lodi
CDM: Who can defend and pass
RTTK Fred, Fofana, If Kante, Tonali, Fabinho, Rodri, Kimmich, Verrati, De Jong, Zakaria, Guendouzi
CM: your B2B. He has to be on the side of the normal fullback.
Barella, Goretzka, Pogba, Modric, Llorente, Renato, Gundogan,
CAM: your 2nd cm, with offensive mindset. He has to be on the side of the offensive fullback.
Bruno, KDB, Dybala, Bernardo Silva, Messi, Lucas, Fekir, Muller, Di maria, Zaniolo, Draxler
Winger: I won't say LW or RW, but winger who will score or who will assist/create space
Winger who will score :
Son, Hazard, Messi, Neymar, Gnabry, Sterling, Rashford, Salah, Mané, Jota, Chiesa,
Winger who will assist/create space :
Vinicius, Rodrygo, Coman, Sané, Zaha, Sancho, Bamba, Saka, Dembele, Martins, Zyech
Of course, some of you might have Dembele as their club top scorer. You're just good.
Striker :
Just a good finisher. Passing is a plus. If they make a flashback Kane with 85 speed, you know what to do.
Ok guys, I have finished. Sorry if it was too long, and for the grammar.
I'm not a pro. I'm an average player, who improve a lot by using these tactics. Ofc, you won't pass from div 9 to elite in 3 days. I was in div 3, I'm now in 1. I don't master this system perfectly, it's mentally harrassing because you have to force you to do something that's not usual.

Don't hesitate to ask me your question !!!!
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2022.01.21 11:46 chocolatebiscuit97 Is this a scam?

I've been looking into magic mushrooms as a potential treatment for my anxiety and depression, and recently put my email into a website seemingly related to it. I got an email back saying that they offer therapy assisted with psilocybin which is exactly what I'm looking for, but that I'd have to rent out an AirBnB nearby to his location where I could stay after the session.
He asked about things such as my mental health, what prescription drugs I am taking, therapies I've tried etc, and said that during the session he would give me eyeshades to put on, would play music and would be there the whole time, and then I could see an integration therapist afterwards. He also said that he would provide the medicine.
Does any of this set off any alarm bells for any of you? I'm very cautious with this sort of thing, and am nervous in general so this is a bit of a leap out my comfort zone. Anyone had a similar experience or?
This is the website: https://psychedelictherapyuk.com/
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2022.01.21 11:46 LEResearch Lupus Patient Study: Earn $50 for 30 minutes (US ONLY)

We are looking for adults ages 18+ to participate in an upcoming study regarding Lupus. If interested, please answer the pre-qualifying questions for an online 30 interview that pays $50!
Click Here: https://participant.facilitymanagerplus.com/StudyDetails.aspx?studyId=20363
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2022.01.21 11:46 FerretOk1081 Question: Igpu won't work.

I tried resetting cmos it worked igpu port But soon as i enable CSM Igpu wont work again
Should i put my sata mode into RAID ?
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2022.01.21 11:46 th3llen Aphthae (mouth ulcers) and mouth piercings? Is it possible?

I am looking for anyone with experience from having recurring aphthae (or mouth ulcers) but decided to still get a mouth piercing. Do you regret that choice? Do you get more aphthae, the same or do they place themselves on the piercing hole? how was the healing process?
I suffer from aphthae with mouth ulcers popping up every now and then, but it's manageable. I really, really love snake bites but I figure that it might be a stupid idea to combine with aphthae. However, I'd be happy to be proven wrong. So does anyone have any personal experience they wouldn't mind sharing?
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2022.01.21 11:46 Due_Difference_9181 Can’t trust anyone

It’s crazy out here, you have to protect heart. You can’t give anyone your all. Everyone is for themselves, there is no such thing as forever love anymore. Where is real love? You give someone you all they take advantage of it. Also divorce sucks.
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2022.01.21 11:46 AbsoluteWildcard If you had to put this years WR draft class in tiers based on ability to create separation, what would the tiers look like?

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2022.01.21 11:46 yongen96 Answering critics, Hamzah says MM2H drew 111 new applications in two months despite stricter conditions | Malaysia

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2022.01.21 11:46 Amugusita هعی🗿🚬

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2022.01.21 11:46 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Shift of 50-year-old Indian war memorial stirs controversy | Toronto Star

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2022.01.21 11:46 Limp_Eunuch Watermelon Inside

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2022.01.21 11:46 PenguinRisk is it better to open my attackers packs when toty attackers drop or full team

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2022.01.21 11:46 Sanuye_Sunset Concerning side effects from Lamotrigine not sure what do to.

37F 5'6" 138lbs Non-smoker Non-drinker Medications: Xanax, Seroquel, Levothyroxine, Lithroroxine, Mementine, Niacin, B6, D3, Magnesium
While I am waiting for my doctors answers, I have some questions and concerns about a few medications I was on
I have already been on Xanax and Seroquel for years with no issues.
The 16th of December I started my medications of 25mg of Lamotrigine once a day, Memantine10mg once a day, Magnesium, B6 and Niacin. I felt my bipolar and anger issues start to get a little better within 2 weeks. Ok great!
Well as prescribed I had to start taking Memantine twice a day 6 days later: no issues seemed to occur. Lamotrigine twice a day 2 weeks after my first dose. The week of January 3rd I noticed, and others that I began to act very hyper compared to normal and I noticed throughout the week a rapid heart rate. Normally I am in the low 70s but now it sometimes ran 95 or more! Somewhere in there I began getting light headed and dizzy. Concerned, on the 6th I called my doctor to lower the dose of Lamotrigine because CVS mentioned those could be side effects as well as the FDA. There were also a lot of rare side effects that scared me as well. Luckily I was only supposed to be on thus for only a month, if that is what is causing the symptoms I'm about to describe. The 11th was my last dose. But I am still not sure if it's the Lamotrigine or Memantine which I am now going through tapering back to one a day at night. The FDA does say Lamotrigine stays in your system for 14 days roughly.
So what's been happening is, I will feel lightheaded and dizzy at different points throughout the day. Sort of, 'out of it' a little shake but not actually shake. It seems like a blur, but I am not 100% sure it it happened while I was still on my 2 Lamotrigine a day or when started the lower dose. The dizziness also feels like an anxiety of sorts. I still feel like I have rapid heart rate, but I did go to my primary care and during the 15 minutes there they said my heart rate was fine. It seems better than when I was on the medication twice a day...but still makes me nervous. It also feels like I am disconnected from the world around me, as if im about to pass out from not eating enough? Maybe vertigo? Almost And a nonstop anxious feeling. Its so hard to describe. Sometimes during the dizzy spells I feel a sinus pressure in my head.
The weirdest symptoms that just began happening a few days ago, is while I am driving. No idea if this is related or something else completely. I began to feel a little lightheaded and a vertigo feeling, then extremely anxious. Even at a stop light or stop sign sitting still. During that I start to have a sinus head pressure and difficulty breathing.
I'm wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this, or knows someone who has...and what I can do until I hear from my doctor. I know both medications have strange side effects on and with withdrawl. Is it withdrawl I'm feeling or did the medications do something bad? And here I thought I was going to finally have my mental health under control...only to spiral into this weirdness I keep feeling.
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2022.01.21 11:46 Defalljulien [QC] Jordan 3 UNC 400¥ (no return)

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2022.01.21 11:46 darrenjyc "The Glowing Screen Before Me and the Moral Law Within me: A Kantian Duty Against Screen Overexposure" by Stefano Lo Re

"This paper establishes a Kantian duty against screen overexposure. After defining screen exposure, I adopt a Kantian approach to its morality on the ground that Kant’s notion of duties to oneself easily captures wrongdoing in absence of harm or wrong to others. Then, I draw specifically on Kant’s ‘duties to oneself as an animal being’ to introduce a duty of self-government. This duty is based on the negative causal impact of the activities it regulates on a human being’s mental and physical powers, and, ultimately, on the moral employment of these powers. After doing so, I argue that the duty against screen overexposure is an instance of the duty of self-government. Finally, I consider some objections."
A new open access paper published in Res Publica:
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2022.01.21 11:46 AutoNewspaperAdmin [CA] - Continuing care assistant recruitment strategy fails refugees and immigrants: report | Toronto Star

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