A Practical Guide to Conquering the World

2022.01.21 11:02 cowboys70 A Practical Guide to Conquering the World

Anyone else finish this yet? I thought it was a fairly good end to a decent trilogy but neither of the last two books really caught me up like the first one did. I think I may have read the first book in a single day because I just couldn't put it down. I felt like it was a really fresh way of telling a story, skipping mundane details like the character is sitting down and describing his day to you.

That style of writing feels a bit more stretched when the scope of the setting gets expanded on. I felt increasingly less connected to the main charactemain supporting cast and the setting as the books continued on. The stakes also seemed way lower, as it was fairly clear that the characters were going to basically succeed in most of the things they set out to do.
I would love to find more books like Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City
tl;dr What made the first book (imo) an awesome change of pace didn't work quite so well in the sequel books
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2022.01.21 11:02 spotify_curator710 Boy who tricked the government to do this? The F-35's human-machine interface helmet costs $400,000

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2022.01.21 11:02 Bambooozaler Jesser I'm in a hyper-realistic isometric zombie survival game. This is how I died.

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2022.01.21 11:02 Confident_Look5026 A laptop for casual gaming and uni work


Very important
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2022.01.21 11:02 DipperDolphin Finals into Bermuda

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2022.01.21 11:02 todayisfab [Thank You] x a million to u/Kalletria 💖💌💞💕💗💓🎉🎊💖💌📬📬📬

u/Kalletria x3 - for the postcards and all the stickers and stationery extras. I sincerely appreciate your generosity - my jaw dropped to the floor and it definitely made my day. You're amazing! 🥰🥰🥰
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2022.01.21 11:02 Upstairs-Context-272 Friday

Hello Fathers, so I am a little Confused about certain rules of The Canon Law.Before I used to Think that We as Catholics had to abstain from Eating Meat on Ash Wednesday’s and Good Friday’s during Lent, or do We have to abstain from Eating Meat every Friday?Can You also let me Know at what Age do Catholics begin to Fast? Thank You. 🙏
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2022.01.21 11:02 InfraredDuck Google has gone from being a search engine to an advertisement company

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2022.01.21 11:02 ishred5 8 More Days in Q4 to DRS & Shop -LFG!

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2022.01.21 11:01 MochaMoonMarshmellow I did it boys

I finally booked an appointment with a mental health professional.
I have no idea how it’ll go but I’m just glad I’m doing something objectively good for my health now.
I didn’t know you could book these things online ( going there in person was wrecking my anxiety) so I thank God for that.
Anyways, thanks Reddit for helping me out ✌️
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2022.01.21 11:01 vinodjetley Tesla Subscription service (with a start fee and a monthly subscription) launches in California with 100 Model 3s, aims for fleet of 10,000 - Electrek

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2022.01.21 11:01 DerGecko92 Power Levels are overrated

Power Levels are a way of measuring someones power. Many things play into it, for example skill, magic power, stats, knowledge, unique abilities and of course weapons and armor.
A basic Stickman has a Power Level of 1. This does not mean that a group of 10 Stickmen with a combined Power Level of 10 can beat a Stickman with a gun (PL: 10), since there are other things you need to consider when letting PLs fight each other. The Stickman with a gun (we call him Gunner from now, ok?) has a ranged weapon that can kill a Stickman with a single shot if aimed correctly. This means that the Gunner can kill the group with 10 shots, while the Stickmen canˋt even attack properly. This means that the Gunner clearly has an advantage here, even though the Power Levels of both opponents are the same.
We also have to face the Problem that the PL is the overall power, including Abilities like Telekinesis Immunity or Magic Control/ Immunity. If your Power Level consists of a lot of Immunities, fighting an opponent with a similar PL to yours that has a lot of unaffected Abilities may be extremely difficult. Likewise, if your opponent has that "Weakness" and has a way higher PL than you do, the fight might be balanced or even easy for you.
Small Spoilers in the blocked area, but you donˋt need it to understand the rest of the text
This can be seen quite often in The Stickworld, for example in The Stickworld 19 (A Fate set in Stone) Mike fights a Master Energy Magican (MEM). They both have a PL of 1000, but Mike doesnˋt even get the Chance to attack. Even though you could say thatˋs because the MEM has a higher MPL, the MPL is also part of the PL in some way. The MPL does not affect the Outcome of a Fight, as seen in The Stickworld 20 (Darkness Unleashed) when Mr. Sheep fights a Legend Magican. Even though Mr. Sheep is stronger in both PL and MPL, both arenˋt able to deal damage to each other due to Mr. Sheeps smarts and the Legend Magicans speed. Little Brother has an unknown PL with 5 Digits (seen in The Cliff 7 Part 1), so itˋs definitely higher than the Chaos Magicans PL (4500), but the Chaos Magican has a high MPL, making Little Brother unable to damage him with his Level 1 Magic. This example, where the difference between the MPLs is very high, is an exception to the rule from before, so this fight could never end since no one is able to damage the other.
But how can we solve this Problem? Thereˋs a simple solution I have been thinking about for quite some time: Specific Power Levels (SPLs). The SPL has to be calculated for every fight individually, as it depends on the opponent. For example, if I can do nothing else but attack using my Level 10 Magic, I would never be able to damage Little Brother, making me only a bit stronger against him than a normal Stickman would be, since I can block Little Brotherˋs Attacks using my Magic Attacks, giving me an SPL of 5-10. If I am now able to use a shield, it would be way easier to block attacks, giving me an SPL of around lets say 50. If I now level up my Magic to MPL 11, I am suddenly able to damage Little Brother (confirmed by Zeruel82Mk2), boosting my SPL way higher since my Magic now has a use in this fight.
As you can see, the SPL is a way better way of seeing who will win a fight, since it looks at all of the Aspects that could decide who will win. If you encountered any grammatical Problems in this Text, then please forgive me, English is only my second language and Iˋm still learning. ;)
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2022.01.21 11:01 SimpleTokenBSC Simple Token BSC 💎 | Fair Stealth Launch on January the 25th of 2022 | Liquidity Locked | Tech-Rate Audit | CG + CMC Listing after launch 💰 | Don't miss the Simplest Moonshot in the BSC 🚀🌖

Simple Token is a long-term community-driven cryptocurrency that will impact 1M holders.
Holding Simple Token means that you are a free soul that has found a simple path to smart income.
Simple Token will get the throne to the «moon» and «inu» coins.
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- Future utility token gem
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- Audit Tech-Rate/Certik
- Strategic Marketing before Launch
- Fast CMC / CG Applied
- Collaboration and partners with
- Eth & Polygon Cross-chain Bridge
- Most important CEX Listings

Contract will be revealed the day of launch.

💎 Tokenomics
🔒 4% Liquidity
🚀 4% Marketing
🎁 2% Redistribution

Simple Token didn't want to leave anyone behind. We selected the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) because the Ethereum network (ERC-20) as everyone knows has extremely high gas fees, we want this financial opportunity to be open to any wallet size.

📈Total Supply 100%
🧁 Pancake pool 45%
🔥 Burned 40%
🚀 Marketing 8%
💰 Future exchanges 5%
💎 Devs 2%

Join the Simple crew!
TG: https://t.me/SimpleTokenBSC
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Website: https://simpletokenbsc.com/

🌐 Simple Token - The Simplest Moonshot in the BSC. Simply Simple.
📎 Litepaper: https://docs.simpletokenbsc.com/

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2022.01.21 11:01 sector3011 Nearly 60 per cent of Canadians find it difficult to feed their families, poll finds

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2022.01.21 11:01 Da_Vincis_Rejects Heard this might be more relevant here

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2022.01.21 11:01 Alarmed_News8667 Hacking snaps send birthday, number, and username

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2022.01.21 11:01 Thedepressionoftrees The depressing truth

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2022.01.21 11:01 sm297p Little guys

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2022.01.21 11:01 outontoatray The Betty Crocker one is especially good but no way there'll be enough to go around

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2022.01.21 11:01 MrComedy325 Netflix's Subscriber Growth Chills

Shares of Netflix (Nasdaq: NFL) plunged 20.22% in after-hours trading on Thursday after the streaming giant posted disappointing guidance with its quarterly earnings.
Financials: Earnings per share for Netflix reached $1.33 in the quarter and revenue hit $7.71 billion; both were better than expected.
Poor Guidance: While the financials in the fourth quarter of 2021 were good, the real problem is Netflix’s subscription guidance for the first quarter of 2022. Analysts expected Netflix to forecast 6.9 million paid net additions, but the company says it will only add 2.5 million.
Pandemic: Netflix attributed its problems to "the ongoing Covid overhang” and “macro-economic hardship in several parts of the world like LATAM.”
Stiff Competition: The real challenge for Netflix is the competition. The company wrote in its earnings that competition from new streaming companies “has only intensified over the last 24 months” and “this added competition may be affecting our marginal growth.”
Bigger Picture: Shares of other streaming rivals also plummeted in after-hours trading on Thursday. Shares of Disney (NYSE: DIS) dropped 3.30% and Roku (Nasdaq: ROKU) fell 4.40%.
Optimism: Despite these challenges, Netflix added 1.2 million subscribers in the quarter in the United States and Canada, which was its largest increase in the region in two years. Netflix also recently announced that it is raising subscription prices in the U.S., which will increase revenue.
Final Thoughts: Investors may want to buy Netflix because the stock price is lower, but can Netflix jumpstart its subscriber growth again?
Hope you enjoyed this commentary. Please subscribe to Early Bird, a free daily newsletter that helps you identify investment trends: https://earlybird.email/
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2022.01.21 11:01 JozMate_ Exotic Priority Mission Question

I have been playing the priority missions this week and have been trying to get the Cincture of Asgard's Scion for Thor. I finally got it but was having a look at TonyBingGaming's channel and saw the stats and one stat was meant to be Jarvis Barrier but have found out that it's diffrent. Does this mean that the stats are actually randomised?
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2022.01.21 11:01 Alloy_art I drew my version of Spider-Man vs Venom based on the classic comic cover

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2022.01.21 11:01 Settl Microsoft help pls.

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2022.01.21 11:01 Clothes-Double COMO ES UNA TIENDA LEGO EN ESPAÑA

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2022.01.21 11:01 ActuatorOpposite1624 Any good/fun Yaga decks out there?

I was looking for something different to play, as I have gotten a bit tired of playing the same archetypes over and over again. I was particularly interested in trying to make Yaga remotely viable, but I have failed miserably so far. Any good ideas out there? (Also, any other fun/off meta/memish suggestion would be greatly appreciated as well!)
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