Please help me buy my gf some cross-country skis, I have no idea what I'm doing.

2021.12.01 15:45 Fodux Please help me buy my gf some cross-country skis, I have no idea what I'm doing.

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me. I think the length of her skis should be 195-200cm, but other than that I have no idea what I'm doing. I saw a bunch of options on ebay, but I'm not sure what is a good option and what is a scam.
She weighs about 180, her height is 5'10". She wears a women's size 10. She is very experienced in downhill skiing, and she's done cross-country before, but not as much.
I'm hoping something on this ebay page works, but if there's a better option please let me know:
Thank you
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2021.12.01 15:45 Loading0000000000 Team Building Guides

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2021.12.01 15:45 Lorensz91 magus

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2021.12.01 15:45 ProgressiveVoiceShow Is this good?

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2021.12.01 15:45 mostafa_mo2004 If I never pulled SV will I be able to zenkai him from the event alone?

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2021.12.01 15:45 bizzi0801 their boy gonna be pretty

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2021.12.01 15:45 freddy_rumsen DSA Should Stay Neutral On Mask And Vaccine Mandates

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2021.12.01 15:45 Tburn119 Concept Card | FIFA mobile 21 | Freeze x Pre season ❄️☃️🧊

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2021.12.01 15:45 _Itachi_- I have to sketch the graph and I’ve been given a x1 and x2

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2021.12.01 15:45 ThereIsATrainInMyAss Ender 5 pro or ender 3 max ?

I have been thinking about getting a 3d-printer on a budget (under 350). Most guides talk about the ender 3 max, but i have realised that the Ender 5 pro is barely more pricey, keep in mind my goal is to use te printer to print figurines mainly
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2021.12.01 15:45 OkValuable7709 Everybody!!! 👊👊👏👊👊👏 Wii Will Wii Will 🤘You!

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2021.12.01 15:45 neonshoes2 ENFP seeking INxJ

On a self-discovery venture this year.
I worked as an executive in politics behind the scenes, then felt like I did my duty and resigned. Now, I am working with cyber security start-ups.
My hobbies revolve around everything. Art, science and the people who make it.
I broke my ankle in a soccer game two years ago. Which led me to sell my semi-professional soccer team and getting into the worst shape of my life physically.
My friends and family are wonderful to get to know. There is something special about Texas love that I can share with you.
And that is why I want to get to know about you if you found that interesting.
It is inevitable that our unique magic will seek each other.
We will cross paths at the library.
Meet eyes at the art gallery.
Discuss and relish our ideals online.
Dance in unison to a live instrument.
Overcome the challenges on complex projects.
We will eventually wake up, look over to our side and see that one equal that gets it.
I look forward to that day :)
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2021.12.01 15:45 fundamentalkey Spring Transfer 2022

Hello, I have applied for a spring transfer in 2022, I was wondering if there was anyone else who has done the same and if they know about when to expect decisions? It would help a lot! I know online it says from Dec 1 to Jan 5, but I'm curious since if I'm accepted, I would need to get things together and stuff!
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2021.12.01 15:45 rupakdas49966 What word is a lot of fun to say?

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2021.12.01 15:45 byrne1992 Reshiram on us adding 5 . Add 2386 1590 8617

Adding 5 and be online
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2021.12.01 15:45 tylers_titties_ Should I leave?

I (18f) got with my bf(20m) in dec 2020, it started off as a poly relationship with his now ex (20f), things were pretty rocky between them at first and adding me to the mix made it even worse. They have a kid together but didn’t mention it to me until after we got together, every time I came over it was always a fight for who had to take care of her first thing in the morning, but it almost always ended up being the 20f who would do it. When she would walk away he would cuddle up close to me bc she always made him sleep next to her so she was in the middle, so when she came back to see that she would get jealous and storm off somewhere. Things like that went on for months, we would have to hide from her if we ever wanted to do stuff, or make up lies so they would constantly be fighting back and forth until one day in like July, a month after I moved in, she hit him really fucking hard, I mean so hard she left a hand print for days so he finally called it quits and broke up with her meaning I broke up with her too. Well since they still have a child he’s letting her stay with us, but on multiple occasions since they broke up, they have be fooling around behind my back and I’ve caught it every time. I would start to see a pattern and catch on to it, when I found out just this last time he swears that he’s done, that he’s focusing on our relationship more then the past. But I’m starting to notice the patterns again and I get scared and start to freak out and let him know how I feel, but he just tells me that I think to much, that nothings going on, I shouldn’t be assuming shit, that if I’m so unhappy or that I think he’s gonna do it so much or if I’m gonna keep “living in the past” we should just break up. He’s very controlling over her and what she does, she told her co workers and therapist that they are still together which hurts a lot but he doesn’t really seem upset by, idk I just need to know if I’m actually going crazy or if I’m in a bad situation. I moved from living with my dad before bc I was only 17 when we got together so I don’t really have anywhere else to go.
TLDR: I’m pretty sure my bf is still cheating on me with his ex, what should I do?
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2021.12.01 15:45 Jither Something turned up in the mail today

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2021.12.01 15:45 Seromelhor Com toda certeza o PCO é alguma espécie de desvio no espaço-tempo.

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2021.12.01 15:45 linusbottips Linus Tech Tips - Air Conditioner make PC go Brrr December 1, 2021 at 09:59AM

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2021.12.01 15:45 hpmoon NEW POST from canonrumorsguy: Canon EOS R5 firmwave v1.5.0 changelog posted, download available soon

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2021.12.01 15:45 coffeeandtofu Would you be into a traditional tattoo discord server?

Maybe a way to build a little bit of a CoMmuNiTy for the nerdier lot of us? 🙃 also a spot to share tattoo related podcasts, docs, flash collections, events like conventions or flash events, corny things from tattoos whatever. For both American traditional tattoo collectors and other traditional forms of tattooing like irezumi. Maybe?
View Poll
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2021.12.01 15:45 Elia1799 When you use IRL monuments to decorate your city:

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2021.12.01 15:45 bot_neen El INE está listo para que se cumpla el propósito de tener esta elección a senaduría en Nayarit

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2021.12.01 15:45 booljames iPhone gallery 📱

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2021.12.01 15:45 porous9 Platforms for Fuling night hunts and raid defense

Platforms for Fuling night hunts and raid defense Hey all, I recently tested a new base perimeter defense structure for a Plains base. It consists of two layers of stone wall tiles placed around the perimeter wall on the outside, thus:

The defensive platform
My thinking was that this is an economical way to bolster base defenses from a single tile thickness (the high wall) to three tiles. It doesn't matter that the extra two layers are only one tile high. Monsters are welded to the ground and cannot jump or get over obstacles. So whether the extra layers are one tile high or fifty tiles high, they still need to break through the tile that is on the ground before they can pass.
In that sense, the base works well. My further rationale was that the extra two layers provide a 1m high platform which allows me to run around the base sniping at nearby foes with my bow. Traditionally, people have built high archer towers for this purpose. The problem for me is that the monsters don't like being that far away from me and go into evasion mode, scuttling to and fro constantly. I had bases with high archer towers and eventually abandoned them because my hit rate was abysmal. I don't have good framerate anyway on my potato PC. Being high atop a tower, with monsters constantly moving and changing direction far below me, made it almost impossible to lead them accurately. I'd fire 30 or 40 arrows and get maybe six hits.
Being on this low platform changes the ball game entirely. Melee monsters now stand stock still plumb in front of me, it's impossible to miss them. Because I'm only just out of their range, rather than high up in a tower, they don't go into evasion mode. Instead they seem intent on trying to get to me. Some will hack away at the stone of the platform, others just stand dumbly near or in front of me. Either way, they're toast.
Archers and other ranged foes can still target me. But it's a simple matter to kite them first and when they're down, switch to the melee monsters. Most raids are roughly 2/3 melee monsters and 1/3 ranged. Being able to functionally ignore the melee guys and focus on the ranged makes it much easier to handle even massed raids. Swamp raids are really fun now. I have a huge mob of melee Draugr and Skellies right in front of me, close enough that I can smell their breath. And they can't do a thing to me as I fire over their heads at the archers in the background.
However, it's the offensive capability of this platform that I like the most, and which came as a surprise to me. I need a lot of Black Metal in Plains. All my characters have a fully upgraded Blackmetal Atgeir, which costs 120 Black Metal on its own. Its special 360-degree attack makes it the only weapon which allows me to kill Squitoes, and at least stun/damage Fulings and Wolves while running away from them. Then there's the fully upgraded Blackmetal Axe (for Abominations) and the Black Metal Chests, and so on. I can get large quantities by clearing out Fuling villages but with each one I clear, I have to travel further and further from my base. I also have no sanctuary, I can get encumbered, run out of arrows or whatever. There had to be an easier way.
And then it struck me: night hunting. During the day, the Plains is pretty empty with only single or paired Fulings spawning. At night, they spawn in groups of four, and starred Fulings who drop more Black Metal are more common. And, unlike a village, clearing them out has no effect. The next night, they spawn again.
So now I do Fuling night hunts around my base. I head out with 100 Frost arrows and just run around until I find a group. If I see a spear guy in the group, I try to take him out from distance with the Sneak bonus. Hit or miss, that first shot aggros the entire mob. Then I jog back to the base with the mob in pursuit. As soon as I hop onto the platform, the melee guys are incapacitated. They either stand dumbly right in front of me while I shoot them, or they hack away fruitlessly at the stone platform while I shoot them.
The spear guys do attack but there are two factors in my favour here:
  1. The new Root chestpiece with its Pierce resistance. It greatly reduces the threat of spear Fulings.
  2. The elevation. I've noticed that spear Fulings become very inaccurate the moment I'm on a different elevation. The game in general struggles with weapon hit-boxes and elevation changes, as anybody who has fought Wolves on a mountain slope can attest. Even if I don't kite atop the platform, the spear Fulings often miss. Even that teeny 1m elevation throws off their aim.
With these advantages, I'm more than happy to tank a 1-star spear Fuling while on the platform and just take whatever hits it manages to land. I haven't found a 2-star to test on yet but they're very rare anyway.
The other benefit is that I'm near my base at all times. So I can flee to sanctuary inside the high walls if things get too dangerous. I can also drop off Black Metal, craft more arrows or do minor repairs before rejoining the fray.
On a bad night, I'll get 10-12 Black Metal, with 20 or more on a good night. Often, after clearing out a mob that spawned in one particular spot, I'll pass that spot again and a new mob has already spawned. And every night the whole area spawns afresh. It's an inexhaustible resource that I don't have to travel for. Plus it gives me something to do at night, so what's not to like?
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