hbr25 h3bh5 99yyr beyfb k3r3d 37bta z4ban 7id9t 88tss 9y2t4 37sey y7s2n shdyi tsz2r dyn2b 7z2te rha7n zsibd 3yn5e 2kzha bnzrb Iowa cops silence critic by arresting me on an old charge during a meeting about police reform. There was instant outrage. |

Iowa cops silence critic by arresting me on an old charge during a meeting about police reform. There was instant outrage.

2021.12.01 15:41 Agile_Credit_9760 Iowa cops silence critic by arresting me on an old charge during a meeting about police reform. There was instant outrage.

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2021.12.01 15:41 JimmyJohn690 ByuINg tHe DiP

Getting good at buying the dip! Thanks Kenny and Co
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2021.12.01 15:41 ZoobBot 189583

This is the 189583rd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.01 15:41 freeipodgiveaway "Like and subscribe for a chance to win a free heirloom!"

I can't with these YouTube channels that offer datamine updates or future skin/event info. It takes advantage of kids for profit. Hundreds of thousands of views and they are getting subscribers and likes based on a fake contest to win an heirloom from them? The channel 'garret' in particular needs to be called out for scamming kids.
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2021.12.01 15:41 ncdawson Pondering my orb

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2021.12.01 15:41 MariaNarco Do you have any suggestions for queer/poc/feminist literature?

As the title says, I want to read new books, novels, essays, documentaries, fiction, non-fiction and everything in between written by or about queer, bipoc and feminist people and struggles. What did you enjoy and what empowered you?
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2021.12.01 15:41 Unusual_Hospital_439 Help please. EMERGENCY

i accidently sent 18 avax to time token contract address instead of my wallet (not my brightest moment). Is there any way to get it back?
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2021.12.01 15:40 Yoshinoh Weatherboosted Zekrom - 9651 7882 9272 - will add 10, I'm level 50

Weatherboosted Zekrom - 9651 7882 9272 - will add 10, I'm level 50 submitted by Yoshinoh to PokemonGoRaids [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 15:40 Lapiseq_PL I have this really specific taste in anime, any recommendations?

I know this may sound odd, but I mainly choose animes to watch by their artstyle. Do you guys know any good animes that are similar to Sao, Konosuba, BNA, Pokemon, Little Witch Academia (these are just some examples).
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2021.12.01 15:40 blatz06 Integrations and Org Validations/Field Set Ups

Hi Everyone:
Any recommendations to building out integrations and handling in-app users at the same time. Essentially, we connect with a number of external sites that send data into SF via Platform Events/Flow, but would like the integration service to have the ability to do pretty much anything in the system compared to enforcing rules on our internal SF users.
We try our best to implement every change made in external systems within our org, but we are running into issues where some syncs fail because of:

  1. Old data/processes that have changed
  2. Process/field changes not made in our org yet
  3. Changes that should be allowed by an external service, but not by users in Salesforce
I would really like to avoid adding exceptions for the integration user in Validation Rules, Picklist fields, Flows, etc.
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2021.12.01 15:40 Vollner original video

unfortunately I do not remember the name of this series, but I need to find it. I remember exactly that there was the phrase "ok, give me your password". Help:)
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2021.12.01 15:40 Deydradice PIN vs No PIN? 5 NFC

I just set up my Yubikeys and while testing them I noticed that for some logins I am prompted to enter the PIN for the key, while on other sites I am not prompted. Is there any reason why some sites require a PIN before touch or not? Is there any way to require the PIN for all logins? Thanks!
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2021.12.01 15:40 JadenSkyLee Finally able to use instant pay

i’ve been using mercari for a couple months now and every time i used instant pay it still took days to reach my account. I would contact my bank but they never got notified for it. Finally switched banks and can use instant for the first time!
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2021.12.01 15:40 bitcoins Over the last week, #Bounce team has been working on the integration with #Arbitrum One mainnet. All will be done within this week!

Source: https://twitter.com/bounce_finance/status/1465594983382073348?s=21
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2021.12.01 15:40 zsauce1 There’s some fire tracks on here. Check it out if you haven’t.

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2021.12.01 15:40 DOS3002 Big Rant Incoming

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2021.12.01 15:40 meowuwuw (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

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2021.12.01 15:40 theregoes2 It's now officially illegal in Ontario for your boss to bug you at home after-hours

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2021.12.01 15:40 Massive-Ad9920 🎮 Dogrider.Games 🎮 || First Crypto Hyper Casual Game 💎 || Incentive token for pioneer user 🎁 || Youtube & Twitter influencer marketing || NFTs and P2E Game

💎 First Crypto Hyper Casual Game 💎

Dog Rider is multiplayer real-time online game adopted from the carnival device which will be launch in different merged platforms in play to earn plan.

Airdrop is live: https://t.me/DogRiderAirdropBot

Here are a few things which make this project great:
✅Incentive token for pioneer user
✅Regular token burn
✅NFTs and P2E Game
✅Audit before presale
✅Influencer marketing

How to play:
Choose your dog and as game starts you should roll your ball with proportional power toward holes. The game is equipped to artificial intelligence which detects finger touch on the device and the ball’s path angle precisely determine.

Game Rules:
Game begins when 4 player put 10K or 10M or 10B DRG token in pot. First player which gets totally 20 scores is the winner and others gave to collect the remain scores before time over to be in rank.

At the end of the match:
🥇Rank 1 earns 20 unit Token (20k or 20M or 20B) Tokens
🥈Rank 2 earns 13 unit Token (13k or 13M or 13B) Tokens
🥉Rank 3 earns 6 unit Token (6k or 6M or 6B) Tokens
🙈Rank 4 loses all

45% Presale
28% Liquidity (Lock 2 years)
10% Private sale
3% Team (Unlock 0.5% per month)
5% Game incentives (Lock in 3 month)
6% Development (Unlock 0.5% per month)
3% Airdrop

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 DRG

Official Link:
🌐 Website: https://dogrider.games
📲 Telegram: https://t.me/DogRiderGroup
📲 Twitter: https://twitter.com/DogRiderGame
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2021.12.01 15:40 sailorDad1776 Coming Through!

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2021.12.01 15:40 nrapril Depression fighter

Depression fighter, share me your experiences. I am on going with medication for about 1 month and half. Everything are fine but i don't see a lot of improvement yet. Hope i can fight this depression. I want to hear others stories, just to make myself feel good.
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2021.12.01 15:40 Slvrdngalng Feelin’ smooth in the cranial area...

Feelin’ smooth in the cranial area... submitted by Slvrdngalng to Wallstreetsilver [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 15:40 danneboe [USA-CA][H] J-Hack, 1050 LP, AirPods, Corsair Headsets, iPad Smart Keyboard, Fans, USB-C Display, PS4 Games [W] PayPal/Cash

Hello, I have a few items for sale
New Month, New Items
If you want next day shipping, it will be $20 on top to any of the big items, for smaller items we can work it out. All shipped prices are local prices + 3% + estimated shipping. All prices are per item if there are multiple. All items are assumed used unless indicated.
Item Local Cash Cost Shipped Cost
J-Hack M2426 180mm 24 PIN + SATA for Corsair SF Platinum $65.00 $75.00 shipped
Gigabyte 1050 Low Profile - No Bracket nor box $150.00 $165.00 shipped
AirPods Gen 2 with Wireless Charging Case + Black Silicone Case - Original Box + Cables $110.00 $125.00 shipped
Corsair VIRTUOSO RGB WIRELESS SE High-Fidelity Gaming Headset — Gunmetal - USED no box $100.00 $110.00 shipped
iPad Smart Keyboard Folio (Fits iPad Pro 11 Inch 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Gen) + iPad Air (4th gen) - Has an attachment for the Apple Pencil - USED $90.00 $100.00 shipped
Corsair Type 4 Custom Cables - (See below for details) $10.00 each $13.00 shipped each
Temperature Monitor (1xBlack, 1xWhite) $20.00 $30.00 shipped
ARGB V1Tech EVGA FTW3 (3090, 3080 Ti, 3080, 3070 Ti, 3070) GPU Backplate $30.00 $40.00 shipped
3 x 180 degrees PCIE Adapters $10.00 each $13.00 shipped
Jonsbo CR-2000GT ARGB CPU Cooler - Used $30.00 $40.00 shipped
2 x Noctua NF-A4x20 PWM Fans $10.00 each $15.00 shipped each
3 x White Cooler Master MF120 Halo White ARGB Fan: 30 DBa max with 47.2 CFM and 1.6mmH2O - USED $10.00 each $15.00 shipped each
1 x Black Cooler Master MF120 Halo White ARGB Fan: 30 DBa max with 47.2 CFM and 1.6mmH2O - USED $10.00 each $15.00 shipped each
3 x Thermalright TL-C12015S 120 x 15mm ARGB Fans. 24.1 DBa max with 52 CFM and 1.24mmH2O max. - USED $10.00 each $15.00 shipped each
1 x Thermalright TL-D14S 140 x 25mm ARGB Fan with 120mm mounting holes. 25.6 DBa max with 77.8 CFM and 2.09mmH2O max - USED $10.00 each $15.00 shipped
1 x Silverstonetek FW124-ARGB 120 x 15mm ARGB Fan. 24.6 dBA max with 32.6 CFM and 1.52mm H2O max. - USED $10.00 each $15.00 shipped
1 x ID-Cooling NO-9225-XT-ARGB 92mm x 25mm ARG Fan, 25.8 dBa max with 45.8 CFM and 1.88mm H2O Max - USED $10.00 $15.00 shipped
HP S240uj 1440p 23.8 inch USB-C Display with built-in speakers and a QI charging mat. - USED $100.00 $160.00 shipped. Would HIGHLY prefer not to ship due to not having original box and its a big box + monitor
Razer DeathAdder Essential - USED $15.00 $20.00 shipped
PS4 Games: Grand Theft Auto 5, Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, Star Wars Battlefront II, Shadow of the Tomb Raider Steelbook Edition (NEW) - All Used unless indicated $10.00 Each $15.00 shipped each
Corsair HS35 Stereo Headset - USED $20.00 $30.00 shipped
I am locally based in Los Angeles/Orange County and can meet anywhere around there. :) If I get payment before 4:00 PM PST, I can ship it same day.
PM me with any questions or offer
Corsair Custom Cables
Cable Type Length Material/Color
24 Pin 200mm Silicone/White
8 PIN CPU 300mm Silicone/White
8 PIN to 6+2 PIN PCIE 260mm Silicone/White
1 to Dual Sata 120mm, 60mm to each sata Silicone/White
1 to Single Sata 150mm Silicone/White
8 PIN CPU 300mm Standard/Black
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2021.12.01 15:40 orangeraider123 Fixing the catalyst: Making the spec fun in an easy way

Introduction: As a 7 year ele main (ignore my flair), the first catalyst beta nearly made me quit GW2 all together due to how god awful, boring, unspired, and unpleasant the spec was. After the new changes to the orb, hammer 3, and utility skills, I'm extremely encouraged that Anet might actually be on to something with some semblance of potential, even if catalyst is still currently pretty awful outside of an ideal raid comp. This post will endeavor to suggest some common sense changes I think will be easy to implement, won't make the class super broken, and just make the class feel and flow so much better. The changes will primarily be from a PvE perspective, with the goal not to make catalyst stronger from a benchmarks perspective or even stronger in terms of general play, but to make the class feel better and much more rewarding to play.
Problem 1 - Place in the game: It's not clear exactly what Anet intended for this spec to be, but based off of the current implmentation of the jade sphere, this should be a selfish primarily-power based spec with some aura/boon support on the side. None of the orb fields or utilities provide any condition dmg or healing, and much like weaver, the utility skills are entirely for self-buff purposes as well. I think that this is interpretation is a fair way to look at this class. The implications of this will influence how I feel this spec should be improved.
Problem 2 - The hammer and traits don't actually work together: I think a large source of power for this spec is combo-ing to generate auras and stacks of Elemental Empowerment to trigger Empowered Empowerment. Since the hammer has no ability for field generation on its own, it is entirely reliant on either the jade orb or other players to generate the requisite fields for the hammer to combo with. Assuming that we're not exclusively playing in a party, this means that a stationary 240 radius spot is our only source of auras, and that's assuming we're able to always keep a jade orb up. By the way, hammer has 6 total combo finishers (5 of them on 20+ second cooldowns which requires the player to be standing in Jade orb, and one of them being Hammer 3's Grand Finale) which is on a 18 second cooldown and zero combo fields. This makes triggering Empowered Empowerment nearly impossible without Viscious Empowerment, since Evasive empowerment and Empowering auras are mutually exclusive. By the way, hammer has 2 CC skills and 1 immobilize, which is less than dagger dagger, which has 3cc, 1 immobilize, access to 2 auras, plus 2 fire fields.
Problem 3 - the utility skills: If anything on catalyst really needs a full rework, it's the utility skills. I think everyone will agree that while they are workable, they are bland and uninteresting and downright bad. Think about it: Relentless fire, even when used in a perfect scenario is just an objectively worse version of Assasin's Signet. This actually is the case with a lot of elementalist utility skills (looking at you conjures, cantrips).
Interlude: Of course, I just realized that I just trashed literally every aspect of the spec from the design to the weapon to the traits to the utility skills. Oops. But hopefully the following will be helpful, reasonable, and most of all DEVELOPMENTALLY CHEAP changes that will make this spec feel better to play even if it's not any stronger.
Suggestions for change: One of the things I've tried to touch on here are to only make numerical changes rather than large sweeping effect changes, as numerical changes will easier to implement for developers rather than generate entirely new effects.

I feel like with these changes (buffs) and appropriate nerfs to the raw damage numbers to keep the benchmark community happy, Catalyst could actually be a fun spec to dip into. If anyone would like to copy paste this to Anet's official forums feel free as well! Happy to hear everyone's thoughts.
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2021.12.01 15:40 SparkyWolfCE tmodloader help

tmodloader help so i have been trying to create a world for a while now with quite a few content mods (calamity, thorium, shadows of abbadon, fargos soul + mutant mod, ancients awakened, elements awoken, mod of redemption). however, everytime i try to create a world it consistently stop generating on this screen: does anybody know how i can fix this or what mod is causing it?
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