rich brian is the 5th member of red velvet.. irene retired hehe ... rich brian make a song with red velvet please :D

2021.12.01 16:08 sinilax rich brian is the 5th member of red velvet.. irene retired hehe ... rich brian make a song with red velvet please :D

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2021.12.01 16:08 trayer24 Turmoil because of multiple instances

This is going to be a long one and if you take the time to read it and engage I want to say thank you before hand as it is much appreciated..
My (24m) girlfriend (21f) of 8 months and I having been going through some rough patches lately and it's been a number of things causing some turmoil between us. I'll start by saying that I have really bad trust issues because of my past relationships with my parents, friends, girlfriends etc... It's important to know that my trust issues aren't SOLELY because of my ex girlfriends and flings.
Moving on, my gfs bestfriend/roommate (I'll reference her as "B" throughout this post) has been treating my gf like shit the past 3 months and has also been confrontational to me in a sense of giving a rude tone, making rude comments, or just down right being rude with body language.
Early last week my gf mentioned that B had made a comment to her at work along the lines of "You're going through a hoe phase while in a relationship. That couldn't be me". Later on that week B then told my gf that she was approached by their female co-worker asking if my gf was still in a relationship because she was being really chatty and flirty with some guys at the bar. That same night B made another comment to my gf about how one of their male co-workers was "following my gf around all night like a fucking puppy dog" I'm assuming he has had a thing for her for awhile because he's known her longer than I have. So her and I talked about it and I told her that it's weird that B AND her co-worker have both made comments about her this week and that I want her to tell me the truth about if there is someone else or other people she has been talking to. She assured me that she loves me and that I am the only one she wants to be with and then proceeded to tell me that I'm picking them over her and that it hurts her that I don't trust her. When choosing them over her is not the case at all but it's just weird that two people she's around at work are making those comments and one of them just so happens to be someone that knows her just as good as I do if not better. I will admit I do have a hard time trusting her and I told her all of the reasons why: i.e her friendship with a different male co-worker than stated above, she was private about her phone for a few days a few months ago, B and her female co-workers comments etc...
Fast Forward to last Saturday she opens her snapchat in front of me and goes to look at stories posted well the first person is her ex that she has always told me treated her like shit and blah blah blah. My understanding was that they had no contact so as soon as I saw his name I asked "Was that blank" and she goes "Yeah he added me on snapchat last night" and my response was "So you added him back?" and she said "No I had him still added so when he added me again it made us friends again" which I know is probably true because that's how snapchat works. Never less, I asked "Why didn't you tell me when he did?" and she said "Because we were busy and with your family so I didn't want to bring it up" yet she had plenty of time after that to tell me but she "forgot" and my response was "you should've told me as soon as it happened regardless of where we were or if we were busy or not. We weren't so busy that you couldn't check your phone and see that." She then proceeded to tell me that "she handled it" so I trusted her and said "okay".
Fast forward to last night- I am waiting to pick my gf up at work and that same female co-worker comes up to me and says "I'm sorry this may seem rude but who are you? You're waiting for Lacey right?" My eyes got wide and I nodded my head as a yes and she follows with "Okay I didn't want to call you someone else's name by accident". I didn't mention it to her because I am trying to work on trusting her better.
Today her and I have been arguing because I didn't mention it to her last night. I told her "Every time I mention something to you, you get upset because I don't trust you. I can't win either way. If I mention it then you get upset because I don't trust you. If I don't mention it you get upset that I didn't mention it even though I didn't mention it because I am trying to be better at trusting you and felt like if I brought this up after we just had this conversation last week it wouldn't show that I'm trying" She then proceeds to say "Fine. Nothing I say even matters so I'll just say fine." I followed with "It does matter and that's why I'm trying to be better. Because what you say MATTERS TO ME. But you just expect me to sweep all of this under the rug." She replied "No I don't but you say you trust me but everything else says the complete opposite but you have no problem believing two girls that know absolutely nothing." My response was "I never said I believed them. Don't put words in my mouth. Everything I don't say must say the complete opposite too, so Fine." she then proceeds to say "I hate feeling like no matter what I sat or do you'll never completely trust me and I don't know what to do if you can't trust me." I blew up at this point and said "Here you go again making it all my fault because I WAS struggling to trust you and yes I slightly still am but not like I was before. You don't even see why I am struggling, you just think that all of it's okay and that none of it seems even the SLIGHTEST bit of odd."
I really do love this girl and want to build a family and a life with her but it seems like nothing I do or say is right and brings peace to me at the same time.
I just want some clarity on what's going on, what other people might gather from this, what others would do in this situation. I want things to work out between her and I more than anything. Any and all advice would be much appreciated.
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2021.12.01 16:08 Xemex696 We like them

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2021.12.01 16:08 Fun_Bear_5621 Well, I personally vote for the droid attack on the Woo but that‘s my opinion…

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2021.12.01 16:08 BJ_Beamz i listened to a lot of eve

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2021.12.01 16:08 ShortAlgo $CURO Waiting for Buy signal ,

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2021.12.01 16:08 KesterLFC Love to see it

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2021.12.01 16:08 krypto-news-deutsch Bitcoin price closed well below USD 98,000 in November

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2021.12.01 16:08 nickel454 NAS Drive Corrupt After File Transfer

Hello, I'm new to this sub but wanted to get some advice before proceeding. Just two days ago, I set up a Raspberry Pi4B with OpenMediaVault and had a NAS server running perfectly. I was able to read/write, had permissions set correctly, and mapped the drive as a network drive to multiple machines. Fast forward to today and in the middle of a simple file transfer from my desktop PC to the NAS (over my home LAN), I got an unspecified error from Windows and then the network drive also disappeared from Windows. SSH'd into the Pi to investigate and the device had changed it's label from /dev/sdb to /dev/sda so I thought that was the only issue. Upon further investigation, it looks like the partition on the NAS drive is corrupt. Even more investigation revealed that the NAS drive (formatted at ext4) has a bad magic number in its superblock. I've tried using fsck, I've tried restoring from backup superblocks but nothing is working. I am now in data recovery mode and just want the data off of the disk. I know the disk drive itself is fine, (ran passing S.M.A.R.T. tests and I just bought it a week ago) but I'm stuck on how to proceed. I'll take it to a local data recovery business in my city if need be but if I can solve it myself with some help, I will. Any input is appreciated, thanks!
TL;DR: Setup NAS using Raspberry Pi, OpenMediaVault, and external HDD. Everything worked perfectly until today when I tried to transfer files. NAS drive is now corrupt with bad superblocks and I'm trying to recover its data.
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2021.12.01 16:08 genuinely-weird Is there a yuri/lesbian OI where the villianess and the original female lead fall in love?

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2021.12.01 16:08 Doctor-BDM One of my clients has a crush on his math teacher and wants advice on what to do to get her attention. Ps he is a high school student with a mommy kink

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2021.12.01 16:08 FreebieMain AMA with Cherry Network's CEO Herman Jacobs (AKA Seraphim) with VBC News on Telegram!

Hey fellow crypto enthusiasts,
Did you miss the last Cherry's AMA with FaceMelters? Here's another opportunity to learn about Cherry and what they are building!
The Cherry Network is actively engaging with communities from around the world 🌐.
In view of this, we are delighted to inform you that Cherry Network's FoundeCEO, Herman Jacobs (Seraphim) will be having an AMA with VBC News, a prominent Vietnamese 🇻🇳 community, on Telegram.
Focus will be on the:
• Cherry Chain • Cherry Originals • Cherry Labs; and • Seedling (Cherry launchpad.
Date: December 5th, 2021. Time: 1PM UTC.
For full details, please visit:
Be sure to mark your calendars 🍒
See you there!!!
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2021.12.01 16:08 ShortAlgo $CURV Waiting for Buy signal ,

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2021.12.01 16:08 StoopidStopDrinking How is it best to tell someone I dont want to talk to them right now?

Do I just ignore their messages? Can I say it without seeming annoyed or upset (I am both)
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2021.12.01 16:08 icepalace999 Too cozy

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2021.12.01 16:08 throwaway-farner Need some insight into my dates

I (24M) have just started dating using some of the online platforms for some more serious type relationships like Hinge and the sort. Have had two people in the past 2-3 months, one we went on 2 dates and the other we went on one coffee date. The first person we went on a coffee date and chatted up some basic topics, nothing too boring but nothing super exciting either. 2nd date took her to go bowling and felt like we had a decent time, shared some funny/embarrassing stories. She texted me first after the second date and texted for a few days then ghosted all of a sudden. 2nd person we had a decent coffee first date similar to the other one that was about average. She followed up with a "I don't see a relationship but we could be friends since you seem like a cool person". Makes me feel like I am giving off friend vibes too much which is very possible.
I hear that "average" dates are bad dates and there needs to be a lot more excitement and energy. I am kind of bad with physical touch, mostly open date with a side hug and leave with a side hug with nothing in-between. Coffee dates are near impossible even if I wanted to since we aren't sitting that close and even if we were I would likely be a bit awkward with it since I don't touch when I talk. Also feels weird to get super touchy with people that I am only just starting to get to know. I feel like my listening/conversational skills are decent though can be a bit platonic, asking too much specifics like when she mentioned a weird type of drum I asked what that was and kind of went off on a tangent there explaining that it was almost like a bongo. I can get a few good teases in there like saying that I probably shouldn't be taking sleeping advice from someone (her) who doesn't sleep well (with a smile).
I've never had a girlfriend and this is my only dating experience. Have had quite a few girls that were friends back in the day. In general I open up slowly and become more and more myself but never really get a chance to ever make it to that point in person. Seems to make it hard given that most people seem to be moving at lightning pace with dating. Anything that stands out to work on or tips you have for me? Sorry for the wall of text.
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2021.12.01 16:08 Andresmanfanman My album thing. Aka I'm not as quirky as I thought I was

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2021.12.01 16:08 Red_Golem_ Is being silent in the church a rule everywhere?

Hello, I am doing a college presentation on orthodox churches around the world. I have a question which I haven't been able to find the answer to- In my country, for example, people are required to keep quiet while in the church (even when there isn't an active liturgy going on), I was wondering if that's the case in other countries and if so, where did this rule originate from?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.01 16:08 baloown Bug regarding chapter select and alternative version of pixballs

Hello everyone,
I downloaded the new version of Eastward for the switch, and I am replaying the game through chapter select to get all the achievements. It seems that the only pixballs that you keep each time you restart this way are the regular ones, so in order to unlock the achievement "get all pixballs" I am currently trying to farm enough salt to get all the alternative ones in one shot. Also, I am afraid to lose the achievement as soon as I change the current chapter I am playing. Have you got the same problem?
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2021.12.01 16:08 ShortAlgo $CVA Waiting for Buy signal,

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2021.12.01 16:08 8preezy Join the Hot Fan premium Discord Server!

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2021.12.01 16:08 Funnyballocks Reshiram 6050 3372 9353

Be online
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2021.12.01 16:08 pork26 It’s been almost two years…

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2021.12.01 16:08 ForerunnerAI10 Can The Last Name "Salta" Be Found On A Mexican?

I'm writing two Mexican-American women that are sisters and happen to be my protagonists. Kind of going for something like Charmed in terms of dynamics. I went with the last name "Salta" for them because of the great composer Tom Salta. Is it a valid name on a Mexican family? I didn't want to go for anything too common.
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2021.12.01 16:08 alexcoleridge_ Looking at my Spotify wrapped

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